My Father's War
Bill Sharp
A son's tribute to his father's part in World War II


The Trip to India

In the Spring of 1944 he was shipped out from Norfolk on a troop ship bound for India. The ship sailed via the Panama Canal. The trip took 40 days. I have attempted to find information on troop ships sent to the Pacific Theater, but again, found more information on the War in Europe. At any rate, this site, Troop Ships, has some information which is difficult to find anywhere else:

While I don't have much information on his trip, in general, troop ships were not known for their comfort or roominess, after all, this was war. At least men had more time on deck than the overly sheltered women.

Here is a news paper clipping from 1944 titled, "India, Base of Allied Operations for Backdoor Approach to Japan" from another son's CBI tribute to his father.

Dad landed near Calcutta, on the southern coast of India in what is now Bengaldesh. He likely took a train northeast toward Assam, India, where most of the Air Force Bases were located.

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