My Father's War
Bill Sharp
A son's tribute to his father's part in World War II


The Draft

Bill Sharp was drafted into the Army on May 22, 1942. He was assigned to the Army Air Force. During W.W.II, the Air Force was not a separate arm of the Armed Services, it was part of the Army.

Because he had his own business (home milk delivery), he was given two weeks to come home and sell his business.
He was shipped to Miami Beach for basic training. Many who were drafted with him from the small town of Prospect Park were placed in the Infantry and eventually went to Germany and some were killed in action.

It could be that a history of medical problems got him placed on a different course. He had a heart murmur from having rheumatic heart disease as a child. But on the other hand, there are so many stories about the Army's random and sometimes nonsensical decisions about how to place new recruits, it is difficult to tell.

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