My Father's War
Bill Sharp
A son's tribute to his father's part in World War II


The War Begins

As you know, the United States entered World War II after the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.
At that time, Bill was already in the home delivery milk business in Prospect Park, New Jersey, near Paterson. His father had delivered butter milk from large milk cans on the back of a horse drawn wagon.
The war in the China-Burma-India Theater started immediately with the first airlift over The Hump in April of 1942. The Hump was the affectionate name for the Himalayas, the barrier between war supplies in India and the War in China. The Japanese had conquered the Burma Road leading from India and Burma into the heartland of southern China. The only way to supply the Chinese and American airforces in China was "over the hump." First shipments were of gasoline and bombs.

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